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Vero Beach Lifeguard Association and Youth Sailing Foundation Collaborate on Catamaran Sailing

Vero Beach Lifeguard Association (VBLA) and Youth Sailing Foundation (YSF) are collaborating to bring the fun and joy of sailing to beginner sailors abroad VBLA’s sixteen-foot Hobie Getaway.  The boat was in storage at YSF when VBLA’s Erik Toomsoo suggested YSF put the boat into commission and utilize it for familiarization and fun sails for beginner sailors.   With its heavy simple construction, wide trampoline,… Read more →

Skim USA Tour athletes set to slide back into action after year’s long flat spell

VERO BEACH, FLA. – The 2021 Skim USA Skimboarding Tour is on after taking a break from competition in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional and amateur skimboarders will look to get back into form during the Inaugural Shore lb. Throwdown at Mulligan’s Beach House in Vero Beach next month. As first stop of Skim USA’s six-contest tour of the… Read more →

Vero Surgeon, Lifeguard Legend Donates Surf Ski to VBLA

Vero Beach resident, orthopedic surgeon and former lifeguard donated a high performance surf ski to the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association. Dr. Peter Wernicki was a lifeguard at the New Jersey shore for eight years before starting his medical career.  He was the Medical Advisor for the United States Lifesaving Association, knighted by the International Lifesaving Federation and was the Aquatics… Read more →


Vero Beach Lifeguard Association Receives a Grant from the Indian River Community Foundation

VBLA’s mission to promote lifeguarding and water safety in Vero Beach and the surrounding communities just got a little easier after receiving a $6,500 grant from the Indian River Community Foundation. Our city’s lifeguards have a tough job keeping the public safe on the beach.  ATVs are an essential part of their equipment needs.  We like to thank the Indian… Read more →

Don’t Touch This……

Bricks of cocaine have been washing ashore.  It’s very dangerous to pick them up or handle them as drug dealers often booby trap the contents with fentanyl or other very poisonous drug.  These drugs easily absorb in the body and can kill within minutes.  If something like this is found on the beach, DO NOT pick it up and call… Read more →

Vero Beach Lifeguard Association announces the latest recipient of the “Keeper of the Coin” Beach Safety Award

Vincent Valentino received the Keeper of the Coin Beach Safety Award for the second quarter of 2020 from the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association.  The award is given to any individual who displays great pride and commitment in keeping our beaches safe and promoting water safety. Mr. Valentino, a life-long resident of Vero Beach and a City of Vero Beach lifeguard… Read more →