Shore lb donates $3,000 to Vero Beach Lifeguard Association

Members of the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association were on hand at Vero Beach Hotel and Spa in September to accept a generous donation from Chris Ellison, founder and CEO of shore lb., his wife Tiffany and associates of shore lb. Shore lb is a grassroots company founded on the principle that giving back to the community is essential.

The donation monies were generated from 2017’s shore lb. Throwdown Skim Jam, the largest one-day skimboard competition in the world which was held in Vero Beach on Labor Day weekend.

“My company is all about the beach lifestyle, skimboarding and brushing yourself off and getting back on your feet when you are knocked down by a wave or life itself. The lifeguards in our town are always there for the public’s safety and shore lb. will always be there for the lifeguards”, stated Chris Ellison.

Tiffany Ellison added, ” The VBLA wants to build a lifeguard tower at Humiston Park so we thought the money could go towards that effort.