VBLA Humiston Tower and Headquarters Design

As part of the VBLA’s mission to promote lifeguarding and water safety, this is our vision for a lifeguard tower and headquarters at Humiston Park.

Here is a brief history:

In 1876, the United States built the first “Houses of Refuge” or lifesaving stations along Florida’s Atlantic coast. Vero Beach had the first H.O.R. on the eastern seaboard at what now is Jaycee Park. These houses were staffed by “keepers” who, with their families, led solitary lives in order to find, rescue and administer to those who fell victim to Florida’s treacherous reefs and shoals.

Previous HQ rendering painted by a dear friend of VBLA
Original HQ rendering painted by a dear friend of VBLA

On the building’s lower floor, which is the present tower office, will be an administration office, home to the captain and lieutenants. The upper floor, on the northeast corner will be the lifeguard tower. It will give lifeguards an enhanced view of the beach with elevated views and a safe environment; shielded from the public and the elements. The elongated building, built over the present pavilion will be an open room where lifeguards can conduct training and meetings.

The necessity for the building is twofold:

1. The building provides an enhanced shelter for lifeguards from the elements and the sometimes dangerous encounters with the public.
2. The location gives our leadership improved command and control during emergencies. With the HQ at the beach, leadership will have accurate weather, surf and crowd conditions. In the event of an emergency, the proximately to the beach allows for faster response time to the emergency location.

It is the VBLA’s goal to raise enough money to fund and build the headquarters and tower without taxpayer money. Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with the construction of the tower. This building’s primary functions, although very important to lifeguards may not be priority to the taxpayer, hence the need to fund the project privately.

I hope you see the importance of this project and get behind our efforts.

Erik Toomsoo
Vero Beach Lifeguard Association

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