Water Safety talks with the youth

Leading up to summer, the VBLA will be going to all the elementary schools here in Indian River County to inform the community kids about rip currents, man o’ wars and the numerous other hazards encountered at the beach. Having knowledge of these dangers can mean the difference between life and death.

Jiu Jitsu Association Donates Rescue Board

Renato Tavares has generously donated a rescue board to further aid the lifeguards with rescues. It is important that the equipment the lifeguards use be in working order. Over time, wear and tear of the equipment is going to happen. With kind and generous community members like Renato, our lifeguards can continue providing quick and […]

Vero Beach Lifeguard Association and Youth Sailing Foundation Collaborate on Catamaran Sailing

Vero Beach Lifeguard Association (VBLA) and Youth Sailing Foundation (YSF) are collaborating to bring the fun and joy of sailing to beginner sailors abroad VBLA’s sixteen-foot Hobie Getaway.  The boat was in storage at YSF when VBLA’s Erik Toomsoo suggested YSF put the boat into commission and utilize it for familiarization and fun sails for beginner sailors.   With its […]

79 Year Old Retired Bus Driver Receives Lifeguard Award

Gloria Shipley, a 79 year old retired bus driver from Pennsylvania who moved to Indian River County in 2016 has been supplying the City of Vero Beach lifeguards stationed at Humiston Park with protein bars and other healthy snacks since 2017.   “How often does someone say thank you to our first responders on the beach?  […]

VBLA Keeper of the Coin Beach Safety Award Winners for the 3rd Quarter 2020

On a busy July 4th 2020 weekend at South Beach Park in Vero Beach, City of Vero Beach lifeguards Shaun Dibble and Colter Hanawalt were on duty.  Shaun noticed a lady snorkeling while using an underwater scooter device which was propelling her along the surface of the water when the lady abruptly let go of […]

Don’t Touch This……

Bricks of cocaine have been washing ashore.  It’s very dangerous to pick them up or handle them as drug dealers often booby trap the contents with fentanyl or other very poisonous drug.  These drugs easily absorb in the body and can kill within minutes.  If something like this is found on the beach, DO NOT […]