Letter of Appreciation – South Beach Lifeguards

To the supervisor of Vero Beach lifeguards,

I am writing to tell you how appreciative I am to have qualified, courteous and special men on our lifeguard stands. Since living in Vero Beach eighteen years and at Jaycee park beach summer and winter to swim and enjoy the ambience, I have gotten to know Murray Baker well and to observe how diligent he is watching our swimmers both old and young. Several years ago when the ocean waves were particularly challenging and the tides swift, I was sitting near the surf watching a young father come out of the ocean with a very young baby of about three months on his shoulders. As he was exiting the water a strong wave hit the man in the back causing the baby to fly off his shoulders and disappear into the rough surf.. I froze horrified and looked up to signal Murray who flew down the beach on wings. The father kept whaling, “my son, my son” as the three of us searched the churning waters for sight of the baby.. After what seemed an eternity the infant surfaced. We all just sat on the sand trying to catch our breath. This is only one example of the alert care that Murray exhibits in his position. We are very lucky to have such protection as evidenced by the recent shark attack on a German tourist. I would also like to mention two other guards, Chris and Scott, who are equally good at their jobs.

I look forward to many more years of feeling safe and protected at Jaycee beach;

R. Holly Owen


Letter of Appreciation – South Beach Lifeguard, Erik Toomsoo, for rescuing shark attack victim

Dear Eric,

I can only express my deepest gratitude for your bravery to rescue me and thus saving my life. Together with all those wonderful people, who were there on this May 9th and did whatever they could to help me. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I was released from a special clinic this week. Skin from my right thigh was successfully transplanted onto the wound. I move around now on crutches, waiting for further treatment to strengthen my left leg. I don`t know yet if my leg will be as strong as before the attack, but the prospects are good. I hope to meet you in the future in person to tell you how happy you made my family and friends.

Best wishes for now, yours Karin.

Letter of Appreciation – South Beach Lifeguards for rescuing shark attack victim

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Peter, I am the brother of Karin Stei who had this terrible shark attack a few days ago.

I would like to express my thankfulness to the lifeguards that immediately helped my sister after the attack. My understanding from what is reported in the internet is that Mr Toomsoo immediately entered the water which is an outstanding action in view of the fact that there still might have been one (or more) sharks. But as I understood, also Ms Beard and Mr Farrow assisted in the rescue. Words hardly can describe how thankful my family and I am for all your help and your courage.

I also have read that there was a nurse off duty at the beach who helped Karin. I have no idea how to reach her but I really would appreciate if you could forward our thankfulness to her.

I am sure that the rapid and professional actions that have been taken on the beach will be the basis for Karin`s recovery. She is too weak at the moment to contact anybody of you but she asked me to say “thank you so much” from her.

I hope that with my limited English I could find the right words. We are so grateful to have Karin still with us.

With best regards from Germany
Peter Stei


Letter of Appreciation – South Beach Lifeguards


MaciejZajacDear Lifeguards and City Manager of Vero Beach,

On behalf of my family and especially my seven-month-old son Marcel, I would like to thank the lifeguards of South Beach in Vero Beach for saving my father’s life in Spring 2009. During his summer vacation my father Maciej was swimming in the ocean when a wave crushed him to the bottom and broke his neck. Only thanks to the alertness and professionalism of lifeguards on duty Tim Capra and Robbie Rivas my father is still with us, and my little son has a chance to meet his grandpa. Despite initial low chances of successful recovery my father can walk, dance, ride a bike, and simply enjoy a second chance he was given by his rescuers. We will be grateful for this miracle till the end of our life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I would also like to warmly appreciate the City Manager of Vero Beach for providing such an excellent service of keeping city beaches save for tourists and local community.

Thank you,
All the best, Zuzanna Zajac