VBLA Ecofest5Members of the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association participated in the Environmental Learning Center’s EcoFest 2016 teaching youngsters about how to safely exit rip currents.

VBLA board members Dr. Trish Zambelli and Dr. Tim McNamee demonstrated the proper techniques of rip current survival.

Since 2012 City of Vero Beach lifeguards have rescued nearly 200 people from rip currents according to VBLA’s beach reports.

“Panic sets in”, explained Dr. Zambelli, who recently saved a 5 year old toddler from drowning while on a medical mission to Guam.  “Even good swimmers can panic and forget how to get out of a rip current.  Our organization’s mission is to educate the public and support our local lifeguards.”

The Vero Beach Lifeguard Association is currently working on a beach safety video that will be free and distributed to the public.
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