VBLA’s mission to promote lifeguarding and water safety in Vero Beach and the surrounding communities just got a little easier after receiving a $6,500 grant from the Indian River Community Foundation.

Our city’s lifeguards have a tough job keeping the public safe on the beach.  ATVs are an essential part of their equipment needs.  We like to thank the Indian River Community Foundation’s for it’s support of funding to help purchase an ATV for the lifeguards. 

With four miles of beach and only 600 yards of guarded area, City of Vero Beach lifeguards often need to travel outside the park boundaries for medical emergencies, assist swimmers caught in rip currents, attend to injured wildlife or assist police and maintenance workers with transportation on and off the beach.   

Indian River Community Foundation and it’s members have been serving the needs of non-profits and other organizations in our community for years.  We especially like to thank Jeff Pickering, CEO of the Indian River Community Foundation for his unwavering support of our mission..