Joint training exercise held for missing swimmers

VERONEWS.COM Tuesday, several agencies participated in a mock missing swimmer exercise from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at South Beach Park to train how to respond in such cases. The joint training helps different agencies work together smoothly and eliminates confusion when a real emergency arises, officials said.

Kiteboard ocean rescue training: A sight to behold

VERONEWS.COM Skilled kiteboarders are a sight to behold, as they skim along the surface of the water catching ocean breezes and performing graceful airborne ballets. But the wind can be a fickle friend, occasionally entangling the kiteboarders in their intricate rigging systems. A.J. Morgan, owner of VooDoo Kiteboarding, volunteered his time last week to train […]

Councilman Kramer volunteers as lifeguard training victim

VERONEWS.COM Early morning boardwalk and beach walkers at Jaycee Park did a few double-takes Wednesday as they watched Vero Beach City Councilman Jay Kramer being “rescued” – several times over – by teams of Vero Beach lifeguards.